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First time with a Professional Cleaner: What You Should Know

Starting with a new cleaning service in New Jersey can be quite an adjustment, especially if it’s your first time with a professional cleaner. But it’s also easier than you think!

You may have a lot of questions or be unsure about how to proceed when hiring a professional cleaning company NJ for the first time. But we know that you’ll be glad you did when you see all the benefits of hiring a cleaning service!

Before we dive in, here’s something to remember. You may or may not get the perfect cleaning service you want the first time. But that doesn’t mean the service and cleaner you choose isn’t right for you!

Cleaners need to understand your likes and dislikes, the layout and materials of your home, and figure out the best way to clean your particular space. Talking to your cleaner is the best way to get what you want. That’s why we wrote an article on how to communicate with your professional cleaner.

Now, let’s get to it.

Research & References

Opening up your home to someone new is a big deal, so you want to make sure you get the best, most reliable cleaning service possible on your first try. The best way to do this is to get references from trusted friends and family and to read real customer reviews.

This will help you make a list of your top local cleaning services in New Jersey, so you can check them out in detail. Visit their websites, call them up, and even interview them in person. When you are considering your first time with a professional cleaner, you want to make sure you feel good about inviting them to your home.

Individual or Licensed Cleaning Provider?

Choosing an individual cleaner may seem attractive at first. They often charge a little less than a company (but not always) and rely entirely on their reputation and referrals to get new work. This means they will be diligent and trustworthy. Of course, individual cleaners can also get sick and miss a cleaning session, forget supplies, or may not have insurance, which are all risks you need to consider.

On the other hand, a professional cleaning company like NJ Maid Services work together as a team (even if you only need one cleaner) and have the resources to handle all your cleaning needs. If your normal cleaner is sick one day, you’ll have the option of going with a backup if you don’t want to reschedule.

Cleaning companies are also generally more up-do-date with the latest cleaning products and techniques, and it’s likely you’ll get better service overall.

Services & Costs

Before hiring a professional cleaner for the first time, have a straightforward conversation about specific cleaning services and costs. You’ll want to understand what you’re getting and how much you’ll pay before saying yes. Many companies offer cleaning packages or flat rates, which can make professional cleaning very affordable. If you go this route or want to create a custom cleaning plan, make sure you know exactly what services you’re getting.

For example, if you sign up for regular cleaning service but expect things like interior oven cleaning (which is usually a deep cleaning job) you may feel let down. This can be avoided by agreeing to all the details ahead of time.

Staying Home the First Time

It takes time to build trust, even if you find a reputable professional cleaner. Many homeowners and renters like to stay home during their first professional cleaning. They can keep an eye on things and show the new cleaner around. This is actually a good thing, as you may want to talk specifics with your cleaner and they may have questions about cleaning certain areas, objects, etc.

Evaluation & Feedback

After your first professional cleaning, take some time to review the work. Don’t wait to provide feedback until the next visit. Give them a call and let them know what you thought, if they missed anything and what they did well. All this feedback will help your cleaners do their job better and give you the best cleaning service for your needs.

Choose the Right Service

After two or three cleanings, you’ll know if the individual or professional cleaning service is right for you. If you follow our advice here, your first time with a professional cleaner will be a lot easier!

Looking to start with a trusted New Jersey cleaning service? Want to ask questions about our cleaning services and prices? Get in touch today or give us a call at (201) 371-6040!

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