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How to Communicate with Your Professional Cleaners

When you effectively communicate with your professional cleaners it’s a lot easier to get the quality cleaning you want. This article discusses how to talk to your cleaner so you get the best professional cleaning for your home.

When it comes to hiring and working with a professional cleaning service for residential cleaning or office cleaning, communication is the most important part. Clear communication will help you get the excellent cleaning service you want and make it easier for your professional cleaners to do the job right.

Make a Cleaning List

This does two things. First, it helps you understand exactly what you want from a professional cleaning service. Do you only need professional cleaning service once a month or more often? Are any rooms off limits or do certain areas need special attention? If it’s your first time hiring a professional cleaner, having a comprehensive cleaning list can make communicating with them a lot easier. A list of cleaning requirements can also help you assess if you’re getting the service you expect.

Interview Each Cleaning Service

At Clean Pillar Maid Services, we suggest you research professional cleaning services in your area before trying one or two out. Read the reviews from other customers and ask friends around town for a referral. Then, once you’ve picked a service that looks good, give them a call and set up an interview.

Letting new people into your home is a big step, so making sure that you like and trust your cleaners is just as important as the quality of service they provide. This is also a good time to share your cleaning list to make sure your needs and their services align. Talk to them about their process, ask any and all questions you have and listen carefully to their answers. If they are friendly and accommodating, you may want to give them a trial run.

Pick Up in Advance

To help your professional cleaner do the best job possible, they need room to clean. If your home is messy – toys left out, stacks of mail on the table, clothes on the floor – it’s harder for cleaners to do a good job and often takes longer, which may cost you extra.

But if your house is tidy, it allows your professional New Jersey house cleaner to focus on the cleaning tasks you hired them for. (Note: this doesn’t mean you need to clean and scrub your home beforehand – just do some basic organizing).

Communicate with Your Cleaner

On the first visit, you may want to walk through your home with your cleaner to show them around and discuss areas you want them to focus on. If you can’t be home while your cleaner is there, it’s okay to leave notes for them about specific areas that need extra attention or any special instructions. You can also leave a note about cleaning priorities for that day if certain rooms (the laundry room or bedroom, for example) are driving you nuts.

You should also talk to the service itself. If you liked a cleaner, you can request that person again. In fact, the more often a cleaner cleans your home, the more efficient and effective they will be.

Review the Cleaning and Give Feedback

When your cleaner is finished, go through your home and see how they did. Make note of anything you are happy with and anything that wasn’t cleaned the way you wanted or expected.

You can either call the service to leave feedback or talk to your cleaner directly the next time they come to your home. Remember to be kind and polite. Most of the time, if a cleaning job isn’t done the way you want, it can be usually be solved by a short conversation. Communication and feedback are key.

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Getting the quality house cleaning you want is easier (and more affordable) than you think. Be thorough about what you want cleaned and detailed about how you want it done. When you communicate with your professional house cleaner, you’ll get the service you expect!

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